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China's Independent Transmission To Achieve Breakthrough
Dec 29, 2017
2016, many cases show that the domestic independent transmission has made a breakthrough, the formation of the situation everywhere. March 22, China Changan Automobile Group Co., Ltd. Chongqing qingshan Transmission branch released DCT (car dual-clutch automatic transmission) box machine processing line of the international tender announcement, the DCT in July 2016 officially put in the batch production. In August, Changan announced that its CS15 DCT version of the DCT is the first led by the Changan UK Research and Development Center to launch a wet-type DCT transmission. CVT, Hunan Jiang large Vehicle Transmission Co., Ltd. production of CVT will be a domestic micro-vehicle enterprises a strategic model matching, the new car or will be listed next year. At the same time, in the new energy passenger car and the pure electric passenger car automatic transmission market, the independent brand also already in the advantageous position.